Significant Web Design Changes Over the Years

Everything is constantly changing and almost nothing stays the same. From business functions to educational and government systems, and most especially on website visuals. If we try to take a look at the way and look of web designs years ago, there would be a lot of changes and upgrades on most of it. There would be too much to list down which is why we have toned it down to three of the most significant changes in web design that carried along with it the shifting in the traditional business functions. Take a look at what these are right below:

Greater Importance on UX and Design

            Jiving back 20 years from the past, we could see that websites are not as valuable as they are now. Before, it was only used for transferring basic information and for displaying content. Such simple tasks lead to developers turning a blind eye to the website’s visual aspects.

            However, since the emergence of technological advancement which brought life to the internet, websites now do much more than what they did 20 years ago. Other than displaying information, it had been one of the most powerful marketing tools online. It has served as an asset to many businesses that led to the growth and success of business.

            This evolution pushed the prioritization of user experience and website design. In addition, this has been brought about by the increase in website traffic where more and more people would explore and visit the website all at once. Through these past years, there had been various improvements that brought us to the website we all know and visit today.

Prioritizing Seamless Mobile Access

            Back then, people would only make use of computers to access the web. This had changed drastically in the modern day. Almost everyone in the world possesses a smartphone that allows them to access applications, promote online marketing, update business functions and most importantly access the web.

            Although having mobile phones may seem quite advantageous to many, for website designers, this would be an additional challenge to the website’s development. These professionals would have to ensure that the website would still be able to look dashing and work properly even though the website is opened on a mobile phone.

            This change improved the flexibility of the website to load and function well no matter what gadget is used. May it be a computer, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone, your website can cater to all their needs in just a few clicks.

Speed and Optimization became Crucial

            Along with the increase in website visitors, upgrade of website functions and improvements in web design is the need for a more seamless loading time and optimization. The faster the loading time of the website, the better. Ensuring that your website visitors have the best experience with uninterrupted website visitation.

            In today’s time, a website’s success rate is affected by its speed and optimization. Once a user opens a laggy and unoptimized website, that visitor would immediately look for a much better website. However, if the website has been properly optimized, you can say goodbye to such worries and bid hello to an increase in customer conversion.

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