Do’s and Don’ts of Online Marketing

Many believe and hold on to the magic of online marketing. For years, its importance has been continuously increasing. Thus making it really vital to the growth of businesses. And just like everything else in life, its success mostly depends on how well its functionalities are performed and put into action.

            Online Marketing is not how it used to be before. Over the years, it has evolved numerously to match the changing preferences of people. In addition, the image and methods of online marketing gravely depend on who and where the target audiences are. And since this blog centers on online marketing in the Philippines, here are a few do’s and don’ts to help you achieve a successful online marketing plan:


  Here is a list of things you should be doing with your online marketing plan:

  • Create Engaging Content

            If you want to stand out from the rest of the crowd generating creative and catchy content is a must. You must be wary of the interests of your target audiences so you can really pull them into the depths of your business’ products and/or services. To create engaging content, you can incorporate high-quality images, choose pleasing fonts and colors, and add a personal touch to your outputs.

  • Be Consistent

            A character that Filipinos love is consistency. This does not only apply to people but also in terms of online marketing. To ensure that you are getting the most out of your online marketing plan, you must be consistent with its methods. However, you must remember that consistency and spamming are not alike. You can post updates once a week and that is already considered as being consistent.

            Create a schedule that you can follow in posting updates in the online world. It keeps you on track and also shows your prospects how active you are in promoting your business.

  • Start Locally

            There is nothing wrong with starting small. Such idealism also applies in online marketing. And one big mistake that businesses often make is that they immediately start with a very broad scope. When it comes to putting a marketing plan into action, it’s best to narrow down your audience by choosing the market you want to explore. For example, initially focusing on the city your business is located in and starting your business’ growth from there.

  • Partner up

            Maintaining online marketing methods takes a lot of effort and time. Juggling online marketing with the other sectors of your business may be difficult for you if you don’t have enough people to help you. And since it is a full-time job that heeds consistency, it is best to partner up with people. There are companies that help various businesses in handling and promoting their business online and WizWorxx Solutions is one of them!


            Let us now take a look on the things that should be avoided to have a successful online marketing plan:

  • Choose quantity over quality

            In the online world, people encounter hundreds of advertisements daily. This high volume of ads annoys customers and instead of them taking a look at the business, they end up ignoring it all the way. This is why, instead of bombarding your target customers with tons of ads, it’s best to create a quality piece of content that will make them stop and interact with your business. Don’t just shove out content for the sake of quantity, instead generate something that can be deemed valuable to your audience.

  • Forget about your website

            Online marketing does not only revolve around social media platforms. It also covers your business’ website. Imagine creating quality content for your target audiences, but all of these efforts eventually lead people to an outdated, and unsecure website. Instead of completely turning your leads to your loyal customers, you end up losing more in the process because of this issue.

Avoid this by maintaining and updating your business’ website. Make sure that your website is pleasing, easy to navigate, and user-friendly to really achieve the success of your online marketing plan.

  • Target the wrong audience

            Let us say for example that you are planning to promote your vape business. Would you advertise it to children under 16? No, right? Since these kids are still not knowledgable in such industries and most importantly, they’re too young to indulge in those things.

Before you go ahead and implement your business’ online marketing plan, you must have a specific audience group in mind. Take a close look at what your business has to offer and try to match it to your target customer reach. You should also consider the demographics, behavior, and budgets of your audiences to be able to create appropriate contents that they would be interested in.

  • Forget mobile optimization

            Not all of your audience would be using their laptops or computers. A huge portion of them would be using their mobile phones in looking into what your business has to offer. And not ensuring that your business and its marketing plan are optimized for mobiles puts you in a tight spot.

            Make sure that all the online functionalities of your business will work and appear properly on mobile phones. And avoid upsetting your customers and losing leads.

Online Marketing with WizWorxx Solutions

            These are only a few of the many things you should and shouldn’t do with your business’ online marketing plan. And with all the mentioned rules above, we can say that something as simple as an outdated website can make your business lose the credibility it needs to stand out. This is why there will come a time when you would need help in maintaining the effectiveness of your online marketing plan. Whenever you find yourself struggling to keep consistency, we are here to help.

            WizWorxx Solutions is your one-stop-all-in-one partner that can help you with your web development, mobile app development needs, and even when it comes to promoting your business online!

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