Online Marketing and Digital Marketing in CA: Which one does your Business need?

                  Online marketing and digital marketing. These two terms are often mismatched and misinterpreted by people. Many would believe that they share the same meaning or even the same coverage. However, this concept is wrong. Although the two have some similarities, each term has its own distinctiveness, especially when it comes to planning your marketing strategy.

The center and life force of online and digital marketing is the technology itself. Its concepts, mediums, and functionalities are what drive the success of the marketing plan. Without it, the effectiveness and success rate of online and digital marketing would be close to zero. But what are the key differences between these terms? And which one of them matches the needs of your company?

Online Marketing vs Digital Marketing

                 Online marketing or E-marketing is an electronic marketing technique that involves having an online presence. This covers the promotion of businesses through SEO, content marketing, PPC, social media, and web design. It is a form and type of digital marketing that is exclusively carried out via the internet. Also, online marketing is one of the sectors where several IT Solutions are carried out to ensure the optimization of the marketing plan. It is basically a marketing plan that grows and thrives in the online world.

On the other hand, digital marketing is much broader. It is a marketing strategy that makes use of digital services that go from social media platforms to TV ads. It is implemented and used in various mediums such as radio and podcasts, TV, online marketing, and phone applications. This means that, unlike online marketing, digital marketing is not limited to just the internet.

To have an in-depth understanding of which areas online marketing and digital marketing differ, let us go ahead and compare these two in terms of the following:

Customer Interaction

                   One of the main goals of online marketing is to improve and supplement the effectiveness of your business’ customer interaction. Nowadays, a few businesses find it quite difficult to thrive in the online world due to the inadequacy of their e-marketing plan. This proves just how important an online marketing plan is in building connections with clients. Exerting efforts in improving this sector boost customer interaction by increasing good business reviews, likes, and shares on social media.

In terms of digital marketing, it does not specifically focus on improving customer interaction. Instead, it boosts brand recognition. Why? This is because the main purpose of digital marketing is to spread and advertise your business’s goods and/or services.


            From the word online in online marketing, we can clearly decipher that all the marketing strategies take place in the online world. This gives lesser flexibility in reaching prospects, especially to those who have limited to no internet access. It somehow limits the areas your business can reach through online marketing. Despite this, online marketing is still undeniably effective in taking and promoting your business offshore.

Meanwhile, digital marketing gives your business a much broader reach. Other than promoting and advertising your business online, its marketing strategies can also take place on televisions, radios, and even through billboards. Through this, the customer loyalty and local exposure of your brand are increased.


Target Audiences

       There is a distinct difference when it comes to the scope of audiences in online and digital marketing. For online marketing, it covers individuals who spend their time exploring and wondering in the online world. In online marketing, it promotes your business to specific people who may find your business’ products and/or services useful to their needs. With over 5.03 billion internet users, it makes it the biggest hub for promoting and implementing your business’ online marketing strategy.

The target audience of digital marketing is broader. It boosts your company’s customer reach in the locality of your chosen state, for example, California. It uses several methods like putting up digital marketing ads in malls, billboards, etc. This technique is often useful and effective in marketing your business to a certain geographic location.

What it offers

Online and digital marketing offers a variety of services that helps in boosting the presence and customer reach of your company. These two, however, have their own set of services which are the following:

Online Marketing

As mentioned above, online marketing focuses on exposing your business’ products, services, and brand in the online world. To do so, here are the services under online marketing that assists businesses worldwide:

  • Putting up Social Media Ads
  • Online reviews to generate and reach out to possible prospects
  • Email marketing and campaigns
  • Putting up website pop-up ads
  • Web content and blog creation

Digital Marketing

In terms of digital marketing, it offers a diverse set of services that are not limited to promoting your business online. Here are the specifics:

  • Showcasing ads through electronic Billboards
  • Television commercials
  • Search engine ads
  • In-app ads that align with what the company offer

 These are only a few of the many differences between online marketing and digital marketing. Although the two have their own roads and methods to follow in promoting various kinds of business, they still share the same goal. To boost the presence of your business and broaden your reach towards possible customers that enable the growth and success of your company.

No matter where you are in the state of California, We – WizWorxx Solutions are ready to lend you a hand in generating and implementing an online marketing or digital marketing plan that goes with what your business needs. Contact us now! And kick-start your business’ marketing journey.

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