Most popular Mobile App Categories in the PH

Owning a smartphone these days seems to be the new norm brought by technological advancement. And we’re pretty sure you do too! Along with the booming of smartphones are the mobile applications that go with them. And from country to country, there is a distinctness in which type of mobile app is trending. Before we go into the details on which mobile app category is trending in the Philippines, let us first get to know what mobile applications are.

            Mobile application or commonly known as “app”, is one of the many software applications that are designed to run on mobile phones, tablets, or even computers. Mobile apps are developed mainly to provide users with several services that can help them with their daily lives. Either for reading, gaming, cooking, fitness, education, and many more.

           The simplest mobile apps usually take PC-based applications and convert them to mobile phone-friendly ones. Mobile apps go into various forms, this includes native applications, web apps, and hybrid applications.

            Going back to the situation of mobile apps in the Philippines, did you know that in this modern time of age, the character, hobbies, and interests of citizens are mirrored by the apps they use daily? These applications are categorized and ranked respectively to show the average ranking of what’s trending. Below is the ranking of the most used mobile app categories in the pearl of the orient:

10.) Health & Fitness Related Apps

            Having a healthy lifestyle is more than just eating less. It encompasses proper and healthy food intake and proper exercise. Since not everybody can afford to hire their own fitness coach, health-related or fitness applications have helped them reach their body goal.

            These applications act as a fitness coach for people. It instructs, guides, and regulates sleep patterns, mental fitness, physical fitness, diet, and even incorporates a person’s medications. Trying to balance all of these factors on your own will be quite difficult. However, with the use of such mobile applications, you get to easily manage and customize your fitness plan with just a few taps. LuckyHabit, SnoreGym, Home Workout, FastEasy, etc., are a few examples of this mobile app category.

            In addition, certain apps such as StaySafe Ph has been recently developed in response to the COVID-19 Pandemic. This application enables easy monitoring and tracking of citizens who go and venture out in public.

9.) Transport Apps

            Not having your own vehicle gives people a headache. Aside from the hassle and stress brought by the inconvenience of looking for a ride to school and/or work, is the heavy traffic that comes along with it. This is why transport apps have been a great help to people who do not have their own rides. Transport apps enable people to easily book and hire a ride that can seamlessly bring them to their destination.

            Grab, Micab, Uhop, and Blacklane are examples of the most used transport apps on the Philippines.

8.) News Apps

            There are tons of events and news that happen daily. One way to stay in line with the latest news is through news apps. News is typically watched on tv, but what if you’re in a bus and you’re already itching to know the latest showbiz updates? Or what if you’re having a break in your workplace with no television, where will you watch then? Good thing that there have already been numerous news apps to watch.

            This converts your mobile phone into a handy television that keeps you in line with the latest news updates wherever you may be.

7.) Finance and Banking Apps

            Before, whenever you want to have financial transactions, you would have to directly visit a bank. This includes wiring a sum of money to a friend or another individual. Such process makes it quite tedious especially for those who have a tight daily schedule. Finance and banking apps makes money transfer a lot easier. With just a few taps and verifications, you get you send and receive money without directly going to a branch. Worry not, for such convenience does not sacrifice the security or your transaction.

A few examples of such mobile apps include GCash, PayPal, BillEase, BPI Mobile and Landbank Mobile Banking.

6.) Music and Audio Apps

            Filipinos love incorporating music into what they do. From cleaning, studying, and even during work hours, music has been continuously playing in the background. Music and audio apps take listening to a whole new level. It brings users broad access to millions of songs and even allows them to upload their own tunes. Most mobile apps also offer a variety of services that removes interruptions, giving their users uninterrupted listening. Apps such as Spotify, and YT music are a few of the most used music and audio platform in the Philippines.

5.) Shopping Apps

            Nowadays, shopping apps have been continuously taking over app stores. It has taken over the usual shopping style of people where they go to malls, groceries and department stores to buy what they need. Along with the emergence of the pandemic and technological advancement, people can now shop with the use of their mobile phones.

            Shopping apps have played a vital role in seamlessly supplying and delivering the needs of the people even amidst the pandemic. Shopee, Lazada, and Shein are some of the top-grossing shopping applications in the country.

4.) Gaming Applications

            The gaming industry has taken the 5th spot in the rankings. Mobile gaming had started becoming the consumer’s preferred mode of gaming. Many use such apps as their hobby, as an activity to pass time, and also for streaming.

Mobile gaming applications’ subtle rise in the rankings of preferred gaming mode was brought about by their highly convenient methods. Since it is made for mobiles, tablets, etc., many people can easily access and indulge in it as compared to PC games.

3.) Messaging Apps

            Communication these days are often done through the use of mobile messaging applications. Citizens get to send their good morning and good night texts through these platforms. Aside from its free pass, it also makes it easier for people to call and text their loved ones abroad since there are tons of message apps that are available worldwide. Messaging apps such as Messenger, Viber, WhatsApp, and WeChat are a few of the many applications that are used not only in the PH but worldwide.

2.) Video Streaming Apps

Before the pandemic hit, video streaming applications have already been taking over the online world. And during the surge of COVID-19 up to the present, these apps have surpassed their highest records.

During the quarantine, people had to suddenly put all their daily activities to a halt. And since there isn’t much to do at home, it led them to binge-watch several shows. People love watching movies, series, and documentaries through these platforms. It’s free and its huge collection of films and videos makes them feasible for everyone and you have to admit that you love indulging in such apps too! Apps that can either be YouTube, Netflix, HBO Go, or even Amazon Prime Video.

1.) Social Media Apps

            Garnering the top seat in the rankings are social media apps. It has been one of the biggest hubs for entertainment, content sharing, and even communication platforms. Billions of people are thriving on such platforms daily. This includes Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, and many more. We can say that it has been the home for promoting and expanding a person’s social life, and business reach through online marketing and/or digital marketing.

            This is why, without it, it would already seem too difficult to navigate through our daily lives. Not only did it serve a vital role in spreading information, but it has also played a part in ensuring that we still get to maintain our social lives despite the distance and the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic.

            Mobile applications may be divided into several categories but all of these still have a common ground. It is developed to perform their specific roles in helping out people with their daily lives. The assistance and convenience of these apps clearly made our way of living a lot easier as compared to the olden times.

            Ready to dive into the world and mechanics of mobile applications? Contact us! And together let’s build one that will match your ideals and passion.

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