Web Design in California: Trends to Hop on to this Holidays

As the holiday season approaches, many businesses have been preparing to let their customers feel the spirit of Christmas. They have been decorating their physical stores, have been posting Christmas-themed posters online, and have been changing the look of mobile applications for the season. However, these aren’t the only business areas that are being redecorated and aligned with the season. Another business function included in the list is websites.

            Websites are like the physical store of the online world. It is where customers and prospects go whenever they plan on checking your business’ product and/or services. This is why it is important to update it and spice it up from time to time, especially this Christmas season.

            If you are looking for ways on how you can give your website the holiday feels, here are some trends that can help you redecorate your web design for the season:

Incorporate Festive Banners

            Every time you enter a website, you will be able to notice that there are banners on the landing page. These banners are huge images that usually portray the theme and field of the business. This Christmas season, you may want to change or upgrade these banners.

            Since this media will be the very first thing that visitors will be seeing, it is important to spice it up and put it in line with the festivity of the season. You may develop new banners or simply redecorate the usual ones you have on your business’ website.

Make your Business’ Logo more Chrismassy

            Your business logo has been there ever since your niche has been put up. It has been the leading method of marketing and business identification. And just like Halloween, where you spookify your logo by adding cobwebs and spiders, you can also give your logo a touch of Christmas.

            How? Typically you may add a Christmas hat, balls, or even add Santa on your logo. There is no limitation on how you can incorporate the Christmas season into it which gives you the freedom you need to make it unique and catchy enough for website visitors.

Gift Wrap your products and promotions

            Gift wrapping is not only done on physical presents. Ever since the boom of digital technology, it can also be done online. This is rampantly seen on the product page of the website where businesses tend to add ribbons on the snippets of each item. In addition, snowflakes and Christmas baubles are also used in gift wrapping in these areas.

            Incorporating this design trend into your website really draws the user’s eye to the products and/or promotions your business has in line for them increases the possibility of turning them into loyal customers.

Email Marketing

            It may seem old-fashioned but up until now, many businesses still continue marketing through email. Through the years, this marketing method has been continuously effective and has allowed businesses to grow exponentially over time.

            For businesses that practice this method, it is best to spice up the usual email that is being sent to its prospects. This Christmas season, it is highly recommended to incorporate this festivity to pull the attention of the people your business reaches out to.

Key Takeaways

            Now that you have an idea of the things you can do to boost the Christmas feels your business emits, you get to easily transform your usual business functions into its own holiday special. Avoid the grey and monotony of boring themes and start spicing up your business for this year’s holiday season.

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