Most Popular Web Design Trends of 2022

The past years have been a blast in their own way. They all had distinct design trends that everyone followed and applied to their businesses and tasks. And this year is no different! The year 2022 has a lineup of new and ground-breaking design ideas that will take on the web designing industry by storm.

            Here are the top 7 web designing trends for 2022 that can inspire you to bring your website’s artistry to the next level:

  • Scrolling Effects

            Taking over the top spot are scrolling effects. As a user, you may have already seen this trend on various websites. In this trend, animations are triggered by scroll action. This effect creates more dynamic web experiences and boosts the interactiveness of the website to its potential customers.

            Think about it, rather than implementing the same old scrolling effect on your website, why not spice it up a little? And allow your users to experience something new and fresh by visiting your business’ website.

  • Emphasizing negative spaces

            The trending aesthetics of minimalism falls under this section.  Many people now find beauty and professionalism in minimal and simple designs. Other than interior designing, it is now vividly applied to many websites. And since users are the center and heart of websites, the design of the apps is driven by their desires. More and more users are seeking a streamlined, app-like web experience and as a result, web designers stay in line with it by emphasizing negative spaces.

            Having such design trends for your site helps you in:

  • Making your website look and be more responsive to user interactions.
  • Creating a better navigation experience with seamless and smooth website functionality.
  • Generates better focus on the website’s important pages.
  • Bold and loud typography

            The best way to give emphasis on the different contents of your website is through typography. The look and feel of the fonts on your site tell so much about how you aim to convey your message and impact the users. The year 2022, opens its doors to oversized typography.

            It transforms your usual simple and boring font into a more captivating visual element for your website.  It has been the new trendy way to communicate and spread key information while providing your website with a unique and visually compelling feel.

  • Collage Style Graphics

            Collages aren’t only applicable to images. With the ever-constant changing of technology and trends, it is now often implemented on websites. They serve as an aesthetic and practical way to bring many different images into one impressive graphic or interface while at the same time, giving your website a unique and memorable look.

            The flexibility of this trend is endless. And most importantly, it gives designers more freedom in turning a simple website into a piece of art that mirrors the vision and overall image of a business’s brand.

  • Contrast Colors

            A website’s color and visual look is the deicing factor of whether the user would stay or not. Most of our eyes are immediately captured by the color combination of similar and contrasting colors on the website. Millennials, the ’80s, and ‘90’s kids are the biggest groups of potential customers and they are really digging in this kind of trend.

            It gives your site a more vibrant feel with a popping web design filled with underground acid shapes, bright contrast, and gradients. Immediately catch the eye and attention of your site visitor with color contrasts.

  • Overlapping texts and images

            If you are looking for ways in maximizing the spaces on your web page, using overlapping texts and images may be the best option for you. This trend provides greater and more impactful visuals as compared to evenly and separately inputting texts and photos on the page.

            These have become a popular effect for portfolios and blog portions of different websites. If you are thinking that the text might cover up the beauty of the image, you are wrong. In fact, this allows both these two factors to stand out more and be able to properly resonate with one another.

Wrapping it all up

            These trends are only a few of the many groundbreaking trends present out there. Of course, incorporating these designs are not a must for every website. It would still have to depend on how you market your business’ products and/or services through web design.

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