White Labeling in Website Build-outs

Waking up in a dreary morning is the perfect time for a cup of milk. But hey, did you know that it’s highly possible that the carton of milk in your hands went through 3 stages? Stage 1, team A generates the output for the carton of milks. Stage 2 is when the team B then buys that output and imprints their own logo in it. Finally, it then lands on the hands of the consumer, just like you. This given situation depicts white labeling.

            In simpler terms, white label is a product or service produced by one company which is then bought by other companies to be rebranded and then sold. Did you know that the term “white labeling” originated from the use of promotional or test pressings of vinyl records? The beginning of this E-commerce solution was when vinyl records with plain white labels were sent out to Djs to create publicity around new albums. Going back to present time, white labeling now ranges from software, products and services such as web development and is still helping firms all around the globe.

White labeled Web Development

            When it comes to white label web development, re-sellable and chromatic website platforms or services are created. Nowadays, websites are considered as an important ingredient for a successful business since it always leaves a mark on their clients. If you don’t have the means for its development, you could look for a white labeling agency to mend it for you. White labeled service providers for web design and development are like a shoulder to lean on. They make these platforms for you. Choosing this method doesn’t only shower companies with an increase in their profit, it also carries the following:

  • Easily expands your service offerings
  • Provides high-grade yields with fairer costs
  • Raises your virtual standing while captivating your clients with your websites.
  • Broadens your team of experts without going through a tedious hiring process.

            In fact, a lot of companies use and rely on this platform for the benefits listed above. As mentioned in the study of MIT Sloan Management Review and Deloitte, it was seen that 23% of merchandisers mentioned that in order to remain competitive and achieve digital maturity, they needed highly capable recruits to successfully attain this mark. With this being said, white labeling achieves these objectives with ease. Here at Wizworxx, we have 10 years of expertise in app development, online marketing and most importantly, web development which are white-labeled and accords to your company’s needs and advancements.

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