Websites and Web Apps – What’s the Difference?

Websites and web apps, they do sound quite similar, don’t they? Well, they actually don’t. Most people often treat these two as the breed and we can’t blame them since both of them run in browsers, has the same front end and backend programming language and they both require internet connectivity. But what are websites and web apps and what are their differences?


Websites are composed of interconnected web pages that have a single domain name. These are also called one-way information feeds since they do not allow users to interact or communicate back into the website. It is with the use of these sites that people are able to read and gain knowledge online! They display content, videos, audios and images.

Websites does not update dynamically and are therefor static. In creating websites, HTML, CSS and some JavaScript are used. They are also designed differently based on the device. There are mobile websites that are built for smaller screens and are compatible for the browser being used.

To give you a clearer view on websites, here are some of its characteristics:

  • Web content is creatively and richly displayed
  • They are user friendly and are easily navigated
  • They can easily be searched with the use of search engines.

Web Applications

Web apps on the other hand are websites which contain elements that enable user interactivity and engagement. If websites are static, web applications are the opposite of it – they are dynamic.

One distinct difference between the two is that web apps are highly customizable and websites are not. Whenever you go to google and search on various topics, the places where you read all the information you need are called websites.

As we go deeper and dive into the complexity of each one, web apps are much more complex as compared to website. And this is because web applications are examples of computer software which are accessed in browsers. And in web apps, data can be plugged in and could also be accessed by the user.

Little did you know that some of the essential websites being used are web apps. And here are some of them:

  • Facebook
  • Gmail
  • Google Docs
  • Google Sheets
  • Pinterest

Do you need a Web Developer or a Web App Developer:

If your planning to create something to provide or perhaps endorse your company’s functions and services online, what you need is a website developer. This enables you to market and introduce your business to the digital world and be able to generate more prospects and visibility.

Meanwhile, if your plan is to create an interactive and highly customizable website that enables users to store and access data online while filling up some of their online needs, then a web app developer can fill you in!

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