What Makes a Good Website?

We all know how important websites are for businesses, but how do you know if you have a good one? Recently, the number of websites circling around the internet is growing rapidly. Others go on top of search panels while others don’t. This happens whenever a certain website does not meet the requirements and recommended functions. These are what we call bad websites.

Meanwhile, a good website is something that catches attention, engages visitors, are built professionally and of course are SEO friendly. But that’s not all, here’s a list of qualities of what makes a good website:

1.) Simple and Easy to Navigate

Potential customers are those who will use and visit your website. These people may vary based on their characters but they all hate one thing – complex websites. These types of websites make it hard for visitors to navigate around causing them to look for another website that’s more user friendly. So, if you don’t plan on loosing potential clients, don’t play hide and seek with them. Let your prospects enjoy their visit by providing them with a simple and easy to use website.

2.) Highly Optimized and Well-maintained

Often times, people hate slow things. Slow internet, slow moving cars and definitely slow websites. If your business website is already loading and performing nicely then you’re good to go. But if not, then you need to look for ways to speed up the performance of your website so you could continue to serve your customers in a seamless manner.

3.) Original and Quality Contents

There are two things that separate your business from the crowd. It’s your website and its content. Contents are like the meat of websites and these shouldn’t be treated lightly. It’s better to create unique contents rather than simply copying those from others. Remember the goal of creating websites and contents is to give your business the distinct touch it needs. So, think, develop and create contents that blows your customers away!

4.) Well Designed

Colors and designs are the core of websites. It serves as the attraction that pulls and engages visitors. They give life and are the first ones that your prospects notice. Make sure that the design of your website is aligned with your business. Not only does this boost your website’s appearance, it even turns visitors to customers. And there’s a whole lotta list of designs to choose from!

5.) Gadget Friendly

Nowadays, people often have multiple gadgets. They could either have tablets, cellphones, laptops and computers. These electronics are what bridges them to the online world. That is why, you need to ensure that your website can be easily accessed through multiple devices. Such measures can enable users from across the globe to visit your website using any kind of platform.


There are a lot of qualities that defines a good website and these are just some of them. In creating websites, you should always consider your visitors. Put yourself in their shoes. Do they like overly complex websites? Or do they prefer a well-designed and user-friendly one? Of course, it’s the latter!

So, what are you waiting for? Contact us now and jumpstart your business by creating a website that follows your branding!

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